DJ Daddy In The Mix Vol 10 (Sept 2K)


ITM 10 CD Updated

In The Mix Volume 10 is a great representation of the nightlife scene in Birmingham at the time. The  ‘Rave’ scene was becoming less and less influential as states started passing laws making it very illegal to throw a true Rave. So the focus was turning back to the more traditional nightlife scene.

This mix tape is deep into the underground sounds of the time – lots of Funky Breaks, lots of white label and impossible to find remixes, all up tempo and high-energy. Of course, there is always a sprinkling of some Top 40 in there along the way.

I had no idea at the time that what I was mixing was going to be so impactful on so many people. The fact that I still get request for this series of mix tapes over 15 years later is incredibly powerful.

This series of live mix tapes was incredibly popular back then and is still highly sought after today. This mix series was recorded live in front of record breaking nightclub crowds in Birmingham, AL.

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