Work It Out 1


DJ Daddy Work It Out Volume 1 by Djdaddy on Mixcloud

c79cb351-13d5-4f6b-a5f3-13c2c152fad7DJ Daddy’s Work It Out series is a Live DJ Mix designed for fitness enthusiast. Originally produces exclusively for the Ladies Boot Camp Fitness at Relentless Training Center, DJ Daddy has made these live sets available to the public. Put this in your iPod and get work done! Its radio edit and clean enough to play in the gym or in your fitness class. There are more in this series on the way so stay tuned.

Have a request? Custom mix tapes available. Get in touch!

Use my mixes in your gym or classes? Take a pic and instagram it with hashtag #djdaddy. Ill appreciate it greatly.

As always, DJ Daddy’s Work It Out series is mixed live in a single take with no track editing or correction. Enjoy, leave feedback, and spread the word!

Download DJ Daddy's Work It Out Volume 1 and get your gum and fitness fix.


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